Every student is serious about studying the bible

Entering the Bible Institute should take “How we got our Bible”  the pure word.

The Holy Spirit guided me to take this class  a year and a half ago and I’ve never looked back.

Such great teaching!

-Rosie Hinrichs

I have been a Christian for many years, but I truly started learning sound doctrine and rightly diving the Word of Truth when I started attending Open Door Baptist Church and later started taking the Bible Institute classes. 

-Jackelin Cluck

The importance of a good solid foundation cannot and should not be underestimated when thinking about building something.

If you plan on building something for the Lord then it would a wise decision to get as prepared as you can.

At the Open Door Baptist Church Bible Institute I received that kind of foundation that over the years has been invaluable to me serving on the foreign field for the last 20 years.

I learned not only the sound doctrine to guide my life by, but I also received many opportunities to put into practice the principles I was being taught in the environment of a good local church. I can still recall Pastor Blue telling me, Brother Muller, Start out here in the church, where the Lord has supplied all you need to figure it out, that way the learning process won´t leave you stranded in the cold.
I´m glad I had a wise master builder to help me figure out some things while a member of Open Door. Nothing can replace hands-on experience, and there is nowhere better to learn the ministry than in a thriving local church.
A good church home with a solid leadership team will take you light years ahead of the average Bible College graduate where only a few of the hundreds of students actually get to serve.
I highly recommend putting your hands to the plow while learning the fundamentals of ministry at the Open Door Baptist Church Bible Institute.

– Bro. Mitchell Muller

Missionary to Mexico

The Bible Institute has helped me grow in God’s word. It changed my Life and drawn me closer to God. The teachers were excellent in teaching the materials. They made the class fun and interesting. I encourage everyone to take it. In fact, my children will be taking it as well after their college.